Philippians 2:12-13
“My dear friends, you always obeyed what you were taught. Just as you obeyed when I was with you, it is even more important for you to obey now that I am not there. So you must continue to live in a way that gives meaning to your salvation. Do this with fear and respect for God. Yes, it is God who is working in you . He helps you want to do what pleases Him, and He gives you the power to do it.”

Main Idea:
Through faith we come to God who gives us the power to grow more like Him everyday.

    How many of you can remember when you first headed off to college or to work somewhere away from home? Do you also remember your parents saying something like, “Don’t forget what we have taught you at home and don’t forget to always be on your best behavior. Now that we can’t be with you, it is very important for you to show others that you understood our teachings and obey them even though we are not around to see you in action. “ 
     The Philippian church was Paul’s first church plant.  He taught them about Christ and how to live joyfully and how to behave in a manner worthy of Christ. He was sharing concern for their actions and reminding them that the Christian values he taught them should be  demonstrated in their lives even though he is not there. They were to continue working out their salvation by following the examples of Jesus who was humble, submissive, and obedient unto death. (5-9) 
     To work out our salvation is not to say that we have to work in order to be saved, but that after salvation , we are continually working to become more like Christ until the day we go home to be with Him. It is not through our own strength that we become more like Christ; but through the power of God within us. That power is the gift of the Holy Spirit that we receive upon salvation. 
     Take a look at Acts 1:8
“Jesus said, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and to the end of the earth.” ‘
   As we live during these days of the Coronavirus, we do not walk alone, my friends. As Christians, we have the power of God within us, directing our footsteps and helping us know how to best help others through this time. It is Him that gives us new and creative ideas to continue living out our lives for Him during a troubling time.

Share with a friend how your faith  in God has caused you to look more like HIm during the past few weeks.